Dear Lament's new song "Coffee" is about special, personal moments in life, especially travelling impressions. The challenge was to create a unique music video that attracts attention, goes with the song in form and content and stays within a small budget.

These moments can be as emotional and versatile as people themselves. They couldn't have been artificially created nor captured. But that was what we were trying to achieve.

Everyone who owns a camera has special footage, maybe too special to have it stuck on a hard disk. With this project we wanted to offer a platform for this kind of emotional and personal footage. In addition to the creative aspects, a music video for an indie band needs to attract attention. With such a small budget the only chance is to do something unusual. To come up to all the requirements we decided to make a community music video, which involves the people in a very special way.

We really hope the final video treasures all the moments and beautiful memories.
If "Dear Lament..." were to be tamed and locked up under one genre, that is meant to describe their musical territory, “Alternative” would be the fitting definition. So why set boundaries, when it's much more exciting to enjoy hearing the rugged and wild nature of their music.

In 2007 Jenny Späth (Vocals, Synth), Daniel Seitz (Guitar, Synth), Robert Dehne (Bass) and Aram Khlief (Drums) came together and formed the band. After 2 years of experimenting and finding their own sound, Dear Lament... self-produced their first LP "Handle With Care", from that point on it just kept growing bigger. One year later Dear Lament... re-released "Handle With Care"-EP on Poplive Records, won the John-Lennon-Talent-Award and became MTV Rockzone-Newcomer. After supporting indie and alternative heavyweights like Dúné, Manchester Orchestra, Earl Greyhound and Everlast it was time for DL... to take the next step and record their acoustic-EP “Coffee”. The year 2011 is going to be theirs!
Idea, concept and realization:
Robert Goesch and Felix Kasiske
René Eschke